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Our History

Our History

Our mission is to guarantee the healthy growth and continuation of bee species. Your support is essential in reducing threats to the bee community and our ecosystem as a whole. Together we can help bees and benefit our environment.

Dr. Peter Detchon Founder of Karibee Honey

Peter was born in England during World War II and was first introduced to beekeeping by his grandfather in 1947 when he was a little boy.

Later, Peter's strong interest in nature and biology led him to undertake studies at London University and so the beehives were put aside.

During his studies he became interested in medical research and so, after graduating with a degree in Chemistry and Physiology, he started working on the links between aerial pollutants and lung cancer at the Chester Beatty Research Institute in London.

Peter furthered his studies by completing a doctorate in Biochemistry at Sheffield University, but the real attraction at that time was being able to escape the city and spend time in the nearby Peak District National Park.

Dr Peter and Jenny Detchon

On returning to Australia, Peter worked as a Research Scientist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization (CSIRO) in the Division of Horticultural Research. It was there that Peter and Jenny met through their common interest in scientific research.

Peter, however, couldn’t help but apply his scientific and research background to the bees and was soon artificially inseminating queen bees as part of his program to breed disease-resistant “Hygienic” bees. As a result, no chemicals are used in the management of beehives in WA, thus preserving our honey as amongst the cleanest in the world.

About Us

Dr Peter Detchon tending to the hives

Karibee Honey is a premium honey brand owned and produced by Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty Ltd (ANB) in Western Australia.
Since its inception in 1960 as a small family business, it has grown into a company with an expanded product range and services.

The business operates from a base located on approximately 500 acres of virgin Banksia woodland surrounded by the Moore River National Park, 150km north of Perth, in the Central West region of Western Australia.
ANB produces and supplies varietal honeys under the Karibee Honey brand as well as supplying bulk honey to the packing sector. They also produce bee pollen, sold in bulk and as a retail packaged product along with cut honeycomb for local and export supply.

ANB has a long history of research and development in the area of bee health and resistance to disease.
This strong commitment to bee health led them to produce and export bees and queen bees from their queen rearing programme. As part of this activity, ANB employ instrumental insemination in an in-house breeding programme to select for, and produce hygienic strains of bees with enhanced disease resistance.

ANB recently worked with the Malaysian Government on a trial of Apis mellifera beehives to improve pollination of Oil Palms in Sabah, supplying bees and expert advice.

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How can you help us ensure WA’s bees stay healthy?

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Become a Beekeeper

You could have one or several beehives on your property and we could help you manage them and harvest the honey
Also visit the WA Beekeepers Association for more help.

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Plant a Garden

with bee friendly plants and lend us a small area for beehive.

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Buy WA Local Honey

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