Colostrum 1000mg 200Tablets

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Karibee colostrum is collected from dairy cows during the first three days of milk after calving. It contains numerous immune system and growth factors as well as essential nutrients.

Laboratory analyses of immune and growth factors from bovine colostrum are identical to those found in human colostrum except for the fact that the levels are significantly higher in the bovine version.

It is in a very limited supply because colostrum is only available for the first three days of milk after calving.

Direction for use: Take 1-2 tablets as food supplement.

Honey has a medium sweetness to it coupled with delightful nutty nodes and a very subtle and welcome bitter aftertaste. Offering a smooth, creamy, velvety texture and a beautiful golden toffee colour – our honey is exceptionally unique.

honey is perfect on toast, over ice-cream, by the spoonful or even in baking – our honey is a delicious treat and great natural alternative to refined sugar.


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